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No Outlet will be playing on March 22 at Straight Gate in Lexington.  We'll be playing with All to Peices and Waypoint.  We go on at 8:00 so  make sure you're there!  If you don't know how to get there, just follow these trendy directions: Take Bus. 85 to Lexington, at fork stay straight.  You'll go through a lot of lights but keep watch for Smokey Joes.  1/4 of a mile past that will be Straight Gate on the right side with a bar.  Don't let the bar deter you from our gig, I know it's tempting but at least the headache our music will give you will go away reletively quick.  But it'll be great, we're hoping for a big turn out!  If you need any clarification e-mail us.  Also, we'll be selling our cd's at the show so if you want one make sure to bring some dinero!  Admision is free to Straight Gate so unless you buy something it's free.  No Outlet's cd (Once Again, For the First Time) is $5 and we'll also be selling 7 ate 9's cd which is only $1.  7 ate 9 was No Outlet prior to Alan's joining.  It only has 2 songs (where No Outlet's has 7) and it's a lot different (consisting of 1 jazz song and a funk song).  But we'd love to have your support.  All the money is going to our next cd and our summer tour.  So we hope to see you there and we'd love to have everyone's support.  See you there.
Our last gig was at CiCi's Pizza.   It went really well.  We had a great turn out and I think everyone really enjoyed it.  The band would really like to thank Jason Williams again for being such a great guy and letting us play at his fine establishment.   Thanks to everyone who came out.  We don't have the pics yet but we'll get them as soon as possible, sorry for the delay.
5th Quater was great!  To see pics from the gig click here.  You can check out more about 5th Quater and other bands performing at the Upper Room at  If you'd like for us to come play for you click, not here, but here.  Thanks.
We've got a lot of new stuff comeing up real soon.  We've been given the opportunity to play at the Cici's pizza in Burlington and Winston after we played here in High Point.  A Cici's Tour if you will.  There's still a little more planning before that goes down but we'll let you know as soon as we do.   Last, No Outlet's got big hopes for this summer!  We're trying to put a small tour together to go through NC and the surrounding states.  If you'd like to join us on our excursion or would like us to play for you just e-mail us at  
So keep us in your prayers and thank you and God Bless.