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Justin's  Thanks

First of all I would like to thank my Savior Jesus Christ for his wonderful hands of love and guidance which have been on my life since before I was born. I hope I made you proud my Father. Of course thanks is due to my family and friends who have daily encouraged me in my walk with God and musical learning. Especially to my grandmother who is the most godly and wonderful woman I know. Your prayers and living examples have inspired me and worked miracles in the lives of many. This world would not be the same without you. Thanks to Mr. Ron Padgett my musical director at school who made me love music once again and taught me so much. You were the path by which I started to play bass, and your encouragement was what was needed for me to learn. No outlet is cool, but the Bossaholics will always Rock! Finally, my brothers in the band. Thanks for putting up with my, "Can I put a run in here?" And the million other things about my personality that I am sure get on your nerves. Thomas - Thanks for being that friend I can talk to about certain things. There is a lot we share and it means a lot to me. And for your ears who not only hear me speak, but are able to hear, in silence, wonderful music. Right Quick! Greg - Thanks for all the laughs and witty comments. And for playing twelve bar blues with me when I am bored. All in all though, your serious when you need to be. I'm sorry you don't have pitch, I'll get you a xylophone! Alan - Thanks for always calling me brother, it means more than you can know. And for the energy you exert on stage, which I am proud of you for no matter the situation.