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Justin Bingham

Lived in North Carolina all my life. Love classic rock, Jazz, blue grass, and swing. Love to read, write, skate, dance, and listen to music. Attended Weselyan Christian Academy From 4 years old 'til graduation. Started to play trumpet in 5th grade and played it for 8 years in the Orchestral bands. Joined the Jazz band when it first formed in my sophomore years as 2nd trumpet and played there until my junior year was finished. At the end of Junior year the director said that we would really need a bass player for next year so I volunteered to learn bass over the summer and play for the jazz band my senior year. A couple months into my senior year, I was doing well balancing my Jazz band bass and Orchestral band trumpet when Thomas Lees of  7 ate 9 called me and asked me to audition for their band. I thought it was a joke at first, but I went all the same. I found Thomas and Greg to be very friendly and receptive to my style of playing. Soon I was part of the band and loving every minute of it, even the annoying recording sessions.  I play an Austin 4 string bass through an Ampeg Amp.  I also use Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings.